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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peter piper fun!!

Yesterday we took the kids to PPP and they had a blast. It's fun to watch Santi now as he's getting older. He's so into everything, he was watching everything and what people were doing around him and really into the games. He's so much fun and has such a great personality! It's a dream come true watching ALL my kids playing and having fun together. 3 years ago we would of never thought it was possible . Thank you LORD for blessing me with such an amazing family <3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He's at it again!!!

Santi man is crazy!!! He has pulled his G tube out yet again!!!! (mind you he just did this a few weeks ago) Have to take him in to the surgeon because he did it over night AGAIN!!!! He's real smart I think he does it at night now knowing we won't be able to get it back in come morning time!! Lil brat!! Hahaha on the up side of everything he has done better on his swallow study so he is improving so maybe we can remove the g tube for good some time!! That's our excitement for the day so far!! Hope everyone is well <3