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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pure Joy!

Santi is the joy of my life as well are my other two kids! I am amazed everyday to see Santi grow and learn. His newest thing is to try and hook himself up to his tube ( which he has not used for feeds in forever ) hahaha he's so smart ! Also want to tell you that Santi had a swallow study yesterday and he has improved tremendously he has gone from honey think to nectar this is so huge for us he has been on honey for 2 years now with no change until now!!!!! Amazing so proud of my lil big man!! Xoxo And here's some pics from his third birthday party also :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The day has come!!!

Well the day has come our lil BIG man is THREE!!!! This time three years ago was the scariest time of my life!!!! Santi is here and he is WELL something I was told was unheard of!! Well as I have always said GOD is in control of this guy not doctors!!! Here to yet another amazing year full of love, joy, faith, compassion and LIFE!!! I love you Santi and together we will make a different in the trisomy community!! I love you!! Xoxoxo